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eWellMan is a flexible, modular payroll and HR solution that is easy to use and is updated constantly for legislation, customer requirements and changing technologies. The solution will handle unlimited payrolls i.e. any number of companies and employees. We are confident that this product will exceed your all requirements.

eWellMan empower and allows HR to function as a strategic, value-enhancing department.

Importantly, all aspects of eWellMan are implemented in MS SQL including transaction log handling.

STC recognizes that HR Departments hold a plenty of sensitive information and that security is an issue of paramount importance. eWellMan allows different level of security and access rights to be set up for individual users depending on their role and function within the organization � with options of read, add, modify or delete authorization set right down to record level.

STC understands that Human Resource Developments operate in a dynamic environment and therefore demands a solution that meets all the current needs of the day. More importantly, this solution must be flexible enough to evolve with the HR department and the organization itself, as and when the marketplace dictates.

 eWellMan also contains its own in-built report writer, which is extremely user friendly. Reports can be generated for maximum HR critical information with a limitation of one�s imagination only.

eWellMan provides almost all the legal reports for Provident Fund (PF), Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Labor Department and Taxes which includes A to Z from monthly statements, annual returns and even the covering letters for submitting them.

As well as offering user a system that can be �moulded� to suit their individual requirement, eWellMan offers report generation features that have become the benchmark for our existing clients.

Utilizing eWellMan�s rich functionality, combined with the experience of STC�s Talented Project Team, STC will give your company not only the best HR MIS solution you desire, but also provide you with a FASTER RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.